When those times of crisis, isolation and feelings of

hopelessness come, the Tomorrow Foundation is there to turn it

away.  By once again putting a smile on your face and giving you

hope for a better tomorrow.  We do this by providing Music and

Movie Libraries to Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers and

educational institutions. 


We know that when a person gets stuck in life’s situation that by

taking some time out and stepping aside from it can make all the

difference.  If we can be responsible for even putting a smile on

one person’s face, then we have done our job.  Smiles are

contagious; it’s like a bright light on a hill, that bright light of

hope.  Hope for a better tomorrow.

Emory Healthcare of Atlanta.

Film Library program proves to be a success with many happy patients and staff. .>>>


Gwinnett Medical Center.

Duluth, GA

Received updates to original film library. .>>>


Hope and Life Fellowship.

Snellville, GA

Receives Family Films Library for Summer Camp Program .>>>